Mary Jane Ewing

Grade Level: 
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12
Whitefish Township Community School
MI 49768
United States
Why I want my students to be involved in volunteering and service, etc. 
I am a career changer, became a teacher based on working with job seeking adults who were afraid of math. I volunteered and tutored college students, helping them prepare for jobs and reaching higher goals. Along the path, I try to share the value in community service, helping others to achieve. Part of my school work involved tracking volunteer hours, and reaching out to find skills matching needs of local projects. This is always a great learning experience and reaches new levels for so many students.
Tips for infusing philanthropy... 
We work with an Americorp Vista program to help with service learning. We are also teaching the students more about grant writing and the process required to make a successful project. All of our students qualify for the food program at school. They understand what it means to receive, and hopefully are learning about the giving back. The website has been the strongest so far for lessons. Our small class size allows for many discussions about budgeting, spending, work layoffs, and what it requires to run a household. Many do not have transportation and rely on others to go to town for groceries and appointments.
I taught this LTG lesson 
Take a breath now
How I adapted the lesson for my learners 
We had to make some "bad air" as we live on the edge of Lake Superior and bounded by the State and National Forests. We stressed the importance of keeping our air quality at high levels and what it means to the environment when we carelessly expell pollutants.
Student Impact 
We are trying to create a community circle in the front yard of our school building. It would be a place to pause, reflect, and refresh from hiking, biking, or walking. They would like to include a lighted display for holidays, to attract and bring community members together. They started working together, measuring and calculating spaces and areas for benches. It gives them a spark of hope.