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The Independent Schools Network is created for and by independent schools nationwide. The resources shared by Independent Schools facilitate the teaching of giving time, talent and treasure, and support character education and leadership development in order to build a more civil society.


Educator-created resources are categorized by: Courses, Lessons, Summer and After School Programs, and Community Service Examples. See tabs above.



ISACS - Independent Schools Association of the Central States, Proud 2014-15 sponsor of ISACS


Learning to Give is a proud sponsor of ISACS -- Independent Schools Association of the Central States. Join ISACS at the 2014 Annual Conference in Indianapolis, November 6-7!

Learning to Give will host a booth and share our new Philanthropy 101 course.



Find us at booth 30 in Union Station, Indianapolis, on November 6 and 7!




Find more Learning to Give lesson plans that teach knowledge, skills, and behavior of philanthropy. Search the database of more than 1,600 K-12 lessons infused into academic subject areas!


Learning to Give equips K-12 teachers to educate students as philanthropists with knowledge, skills, and action to make a better world. We connect students' civic lives to academic learning. For more information, contact us here.