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Water Resources and the Role of the Independent Sector
Unit of 4 lessons

Unit Overview:

Focus Question: How do business, government, nonprofits, and individuals respond differently to a need, such as water protection? 

Unit Purpose:

Students study water conservation issues to understand the role government, business, nonprofit, and family sectors play in preserving our water resources. 

Unit Objectives:

The learner will:

  • identify the ways we affect water supply and quality.
  • identify the role government, business, the independent/non-profit, and family sectors play in water conservation.
  • compare and contrast the different roles each of the four sectors play.
  • identify ways private citizens have influenced government and business in their decisions and practices related to water supply and quality.
  • use case studies to determine the effects dams have on the ecosystem of an area.
  • propose solutions to the problems of water supply and water quality.
  • define stewardship as a trust of common resources held by a community for citizens and apply the definition to water resources and the local, state, regional, and world communities.

Service Experience:

Although lessons in this unit contain service project examples, decisions about service plans and implementation should be made by students, as age appropriate.

Students will prepare water conservation posters to hang in their community and school. They will also launch a campaign to conserve water in their homes. The students will select a water conservation organization, contact that organization, and determine the type of aid they can give to the organization. Students will also develop a home action plan to conserve water and enhance water quality.

Unit Assessment:

This unit may be assessed on a lesson by lesson basis. The final project(s) may also be used as assessment.

School/Home Connection:

There are school/home connections in Lessons One, Two, and Four.

Notes for Teaching:

The Web sites provided will make this unit rather easy to make preparations.  Be sure that the students have a good background in the vocabulary used in the unit.

Additional Resources:


State Curriculum and Philanthropy Theme Frameworks:

See individual lessons for benchmark detail.

Lessons Developed By:

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