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Global Health: Hunger and Food Around the Globe (K-2)
Unit of 3 lessons

Unit Overview:

Focus Question: How might individuals and society address the issues of poverty, homelessness and hunger, and their underlying causes? 

Unit Purpose:

Children learn about people around the world who experience food insecurity. They discuss what it feels like to be hungry and read about the work of soup kitchens and other efforts to bring food to people who are hungry.

Unit Duration:

Four 30-Minute Sessions, Plus time to carry out a service project

Unit Objectives:

The learner will:

  • define hunger, starvation, and food insecurity.
  • make the connection between access to adequate healthy food and a person’s well-being.
  • plan and take action to address the issue of insufficient food on a local or global basis.
  • empathize with people who have insufficient food to be healthy.
  • reflect on the service action.
  • listen and respond to the story of Stone Soup.
  • understand the idea of working together for the greater good, or common good.
  • design and carry out a service project that helps people who are hungry.

Service Experience:

Although lessons in this unit contain service project examples, decisions about service plans and implementation should be made by students, as age appropriate.

Children may work in a soup kitchen or hold a food drive to collect foods for a local charity or hold a fundraiser to collect money to donate to a food organization. They may develop a creative performance that raises awareness or teaches others about the issue. 

Notes for Teaching:

Be sensitive to students in the class who might be experiencing food insecurity themselves.

Bibliographical References:

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Feeding America--Scroll over the different states to see their hunger statistics and compare:

FreeRice.com--Practice basic skills while earning rice for hungry people worldwide:
Heifer International--A nonprofit that provides livestock and training to families in need.
USDA “Food Pyramid”--A visual diagram of our nation’s current dietary suggestions.
USDA “A Close Look at My Pyramid.” --In-depth analysis of how the food pyramid can be used for your own dietary purposes.


State Curriculum and Philanthropy Theme Frameworks:

See individual lessons for benchmark detail.

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