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Class Rules (Responsible Personal Conduct)
Lesson 4
Academic Standards
Philanthropy Framework


This lesson is most appropriately taught at the very beginning of the school year. Explain that being in a classroom is different from being at home and that we will need to develop classroom rules so that we can operate in a democratic and efficient manner.


To encourage students to consider the effect their individual actions have on the group. To encourage students to brainstorm and develop ideas for classroom rules.


Thirty minutes


The learner will:

  • determine and interpret classroom rules.
  • explain why classroom rules are important.
  • state three reasons for classroom rules.


  • Chart paper
  • Markers
  • Journals

Instructional Procedure(s):

  • Explain that the class is going to develop classroom rules, but that it is important to know why we have rules. We have rules for three reasons:
    • To help keep us safe
    • To help us get along and work together
    • To help us learn.

  • Explain that students will be helping to write the classroom rules so that our classroom will be a pleasant place for all of us. We will talk about how we should treat each other and how we can all get along and not hurt each other.

  • Students will brainstorm room rules and teacher will write them on the chalkboard.

  • Encourage students to state the rules positively, saying what the children should do as opposed to what they should not do as much as possible.

  • After the students brainstorm ideas, finalize the list making sure that the rules are stated in language that the students can understand. A small picture next to each rule will help the students decipher the words.

  • Copy the room rules onto a chart and display in classroom.


Teacher observation. Note whether children were able to develop classroom rules. Ask students to tell ways that each rule will help them in school.

Follow-up Language Arts Activity:
  • Students will draw pictures in their journals illustrating a way that they can follow a rule.
  • Students will explain pictures to the teacher and the teacher will write the words.
  • Students should be encouraged to copy the words.

Lesson Developed By:

Janice Peterson
Detroit Public Schools
Woodward Elementary School
Detroit, MI 48208


Philanthropy Framework:


Margaret, Teacher Muskegon, MI9/23/2007 10:22:36 PM

As we work towards accredation, this was a great "concept" that not only worked for children but as a reminder for adults.

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