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ReadingMarch Moments of Service

These March events spark teachable Moments of Service. See lessons and resources below to connect students' academic and civic life.

  • March Is Reading Month

    Help students understand the importance of literacy and supporting literacy in their community and world. Give kids lots of practice reading while they do service--have them read aloud to dogs and cats at the local shelter!

  • Women's History Month

    Use the courage, passion and conviction of women philanthropists to inspire and motivate your students to serve.

  • World Water Day (March 22)

    Focus student attention on the need for drinking water and irrigation to alleviate world hunger. Challenge your students to address the issue of water through a service project.

  • generationOn
    "Make Your Mark on Hunger" Campaign (March 15 to April 30)

    Why are 1 in 5 children in the U.S. living in food insecurity? Guide your students in learning about hunger issues and taking action. Join generationOn and youth across the U.S. to fight hunger. Report your students' acts of service, and they will be matched with donations to Feeding America. Free resources and details at www.generationon.org/hunger

Literature Connections

Infuse philanthropy themes into literature study. Reading and reflection offer an opportunity to explore universal themes of kindness, giving, self-interest, and the common good. Put on a philanthropy education lens as you read and discuss with students:

  • What are the motivations of the characters?
  • How did the character's actions benefit or harm him or her, and how did the actions impact the greater community?
  • Identify a major problem in the story and analyze ways it could be addressed by characters and communities in the story. How do the characters use outside resources to solve problems? What happens when they rely on themselves alone?
  • Identify themes and instances of the struggle between self interest and common good.

Check out these Learning to Give Literature Guides to combine selected literature with thought-provoking activities that teach children about giving and civic engagement. Whether you are a parent, youth leader, teacher, or mentor, you can use shared reading experiences to inform and inspire children to act for the common good.

This Annotated Bibliography of Children's Literature provides a list of books that have a philanthropy theme.teacher with students

Learning to Give Lessons Related to Fundraising

Each single-class-period lesson focuses on making a difference in the community through fundraising. These lessons include bonus Learning Links and Reflection Activities.

Learning to Give Units

Multi-disciplinary service-learning units related to the themes of the month--aligned with individual state, Common Core State Standards, and some international standards--that teach responsible citizenship, civic engagement, and service for the common good.

Hover your mouse over the lesson titles to see a summary. Click on the title to go directly to the online lesson.

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View quotations about women, books, and making a difference.

Profiles in Philanthropy

Informational Papers related to concepts of civil society and service

School Year Calendar

generationOn and Learning to Give are excited to offer a menu of resources to help you implement service-learning and philanthropy education into your school! View the School Year Calendar to discover more service opportunities.

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