Classroom lesson plans creatively infuse philanthropy into K-12 academic content and serve as a foundation for a student-centered approach. Click on the Search Lessons button at the top of the website page and filter by grade level, subject area, content (academic and affective), time of year, and more to find lessons to suit your goals.

  • Search for lessons by what you already teach (ex., water, Constitution, or letter writing) or by an issue area or philanthropy theme (ex., environment, hunger, or kindness). 
  • Start with one of the Introduction to Philanthropy lessons (K-12) to build vocabulary and motivation to take action - a great way for a whole school to get started.
  • Disaster Preparation and Response Teaching Resources: When a crisis hits, many people feel motivated to help. Plan an activity to help people in your community or world affected by a disaster or difficult time. Or, guide your students in preparing an emergency preparedness kit for themselves and others.

All our teacher-created lessons are aligned to state standards, including Common Core State Standards, and some international standards.

Lessons are organized by teaching units. Adapt and combine lessons to suit your learners and community. Althought each unit contains a service suggestion, for a greater impact on students, guide them, as age appropriate, to plan a unique service-learning project based on an investigation of issues, student interests, and community needs.

TeachOne Lesson for GivingTuesday

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TeachOne Lesson for GivingTuesday

Raise awarenss about giving on GivingTuesday, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, which is the second biggest day of giving of the year.

Teach your students about giving in one lesson on Tuesday, November 29, 2016.

Teach about philanthropy, community, and the value of giving time, talent, and treasure and making a difference for the common good.

Teacher-created philanthropy education lessons magnify the impact of any academic content with themes of generosity, community, and civic and social responsibility. Perfect base for PBL, service-learning, and student-centered instruction. Lessons align to state standards, including Common Core State Standards, and some international standards.

Courses and lessons uniquely designed for independent schools to develop hearts and minds. Through the Learning to Give courses and lessons for independent schools, you will find creative examples of teaching and learning that develop students’ 21st century competencies – like collaboration, problem solving, global awareness, and analysis – while equipping students to give, serve, and take citizen action to better their world.

Coming soon, these ready-to-use activities engage service-oriented youth groups in building a culture of cooperation and service while learning about civic responsibility, problem-solving, board service, philanthropy, leadership, and grant-making.

Briefing Papers provide teachers and middle and high school students, as well as nonprofit professionals, abbreviated snapshots of significant concepts, people, and organizations related to philanthropy.

Our picture book and teen novel guides combine selected literature with thought-provoking discussions and activities that teach about giving and civic engagement. The featured books raise issues like respect, caring, giving, honoring diversity, adversity, helping others, fairness, responsibility, trustworthiness, and citizenship.