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Youth Activities

Learning to Give
The Youth Serving Way

A Collaboration between Learning to Give
and Community Partnerships with Youth

Activities for Developing Life-Long Habits of Giving and Serving
in Youth Ages 7-18


Access meaningful, fun and “ready-to-use” materials that will engage youth in the most basic and rewarding of democratic principles—the giving of “time, talent and treasure” to benefit the common good.

Youth Activities are organized for ages 7-11 and 12-18 under the five themes of:

  • Roots of Philanthropy
  • Growing as a Philanthropist
  • Everyday Acts of Citizenship
  • Heroes and “Sheroes” of Philanthropy
  • Environment and Philanthropy

Some activities were selected from Learning to Give’s K-12 lesson plans and re-designed for use in youth worker settings. These activities will link directly to the original Learning to Give lesson plan and point out other lesson possibilities in that same topic area. Community Partnerships with Youth contributed material from their youth philanthropy handbooks.

We recommend that activities first be chosen from the Roots of Philanthropy section to give your Youth initial background information. The subsequent themes will build upon those concepts. An “Activity-at-a-Glance” sidebar provides the necessary information concerning time, materials, setting and sequence for ease in planning and implementing the activity with your Youth group.

We welcome your feedback! Please share your successes and suggestions with us!


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