Mini-Grants for Service-Learning

Classroom Grants for Service

Help your students plan a project that connects to the community. Don't let the cost of books, supplies, or travel get in your way.
Start with a Learning to Give lesson and inspire student action to address a community need. The Learning to Give mini-grants range from $250-$1,000 with a simple, yet competitive application process and priority given to those who use social media to share their plans, discuss ideas, and reflect! #LTGMiniGrant #Teach1
Need a bit of inspiration?
  • Try the Blue Sky activity to get your students thinking about their passions and community needs.
  • Take a moment to browse Mr. Dikeman and Ms. Found's 2016-17 grant stories.
  • Watch students from the Bellaire School in NYC in their creative video as part of their service-learning project: Don't Stress the Test.
  • Check out the current TeachOne initiative for low barrier, easy access to Learning to Give lessons and service-learning project ideas.
  • Plus, be sure to follow @LearningtoGive on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn to share your project plans, get inspired, and stay connected! #LTGMiniGrant #Teach1

How do you connect Learning to Give lessons to service? The sky is the limit! 

Learn about kids with special needs and plan a party to make forever friends.
Discuss why people are homeless and create compassion bags to donate.
Gather scientific data at a local river and write letters about water quality to state representatives. 
Research the mission and activities of local nonprofits to help determine where the class will volunteer.
Read a picture book about a lonely senior whose life was brightened by an intergenerational friendship and plan reciprocal activities to build friendships at a local retirement community.



Take your lesson or project to the next level! 


Grant Application


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The Educator Mini-Courses provide online training in philanthropy education and service-learning. In your own time and at your desktop, learn methods of thoughtful service-learning, as well as the history, practice, and benefits of philanthropy, for educators, nonprofit professionals, parents, and volunteers.

The LTG Collaborative is a closed community available to Learning to Give users around the U.S. who seek collaboration with other teachers who are challenging their students to be their best selves in community. 

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