Hackley's Contributions
  1. Strand PHIL.III Philanthropy and the Individual
    1. Standard PI 01. Reasons for Individual Philanthropy
      1. Benchmark E.4 Give an example of how citizens act for the common good.
Learners will experience the places and services which Charles Hackley donated to Muskegon.
PrintOne-Half of a School Day
The learner will list and describe the contributions Charles Hackley made to downtown Muskegon
  • An 8-1/2" x 11" enlarged map of the downtown area (area to be visited)
  1. Anticipatory Set: Explain to the class that they are going on a field trip to see the contributions of Charles Hackley in the city. Ask students to quickly name his contributions.
  2. Teacher's Note: You will need to call each of the places and set up times and dates when you will be able to visit them. You will also need to schedule a bus and take care of required paperwork, such as permission slips.
  3. Before the students leave, distribute a map to each student. Tell students that they should draw a symbol on the map of each place they visit or see to show the result of Hackley's philanthropy, e.g., a tree might represent a park or a book could represent a library. Students should list or draw a picture about their favorite thing they saw at each stop.
  4. Teacher's Note: The class will take a trip into the downtown Muskegon area and tour Hackley Library, County Museum, Hackley House, Art Museum, Hackley Building, Hackley Park and Hackley Hospital, all of which he donated to the community. We will also discuss the Chamber of Commerce, Arts Association, and Lumberman's Bank in whose formation he was instrumental.
  5. Once back at school, hold a discussion listing the philanthropic donations of Charles Hackley, as seen on the trip, evaluating his effect on the city.
Have students complete a journal entry on the following topic: Write and/or draw what you think the quality of life in Muskegon would be like without the contributions Mr. Hackley made to the community. Explain how Mr. Hackley's contributions have positively affected your life.