Teach One Lesson about Philanthropy

Plastic bags are everywhere! 

Take on the #ToteChallenge and #Teach1 for #EarthDay!

It starts with a ready-made lesson in which students investigate the issues caused by plastic shopping bags, then propose solutions they can take to address the problems.

Students use engineering, problem-solving, creativity, and communication while designing a reusable shopping bag out of an old T-shirt. Together we can make the world a better place, one T-shirt tote at a time! 

Fun Idea: Incorporate your own classroom! Vote for the Tote - Most Creative, Most Useful, Least Materials, Weight Winner, etc. The sky is the limit! 

Through the #ToteChallenge lesson and service-learning project, students will:

  • discuss issues around plastic bag usage and disposal. 
  • learn the benefits of reducing, recycling, and reusing.
  • employ problem-solving and teamwork to design a reusable grocery tote that people want to use.
  • communicate about their project and advocate for recycling and reusing bags.

Share your #ToteChallenge lesson and service-learning project pics on Twitter and Facebook with @LearningtoGive as you #Teach1 for #EarthDay!

*This lesson sparks meaningful discussions and service that centers on recycling, reusing, environmental pollution solutions, kindness, sharing, and caring. Written by Learning to Give teacher Ginger Schaperjohn and adapted K-12 to fit your students' interests and abilities. 

Connecting with Educators

When you TeachOne, remember to share the lesson and project with your colleages and media. Tell us what you and your students did, and look to Learning to Give to connect you with a similar grade level in another state doing the same lesson and project. 

Recycling Lesson Plans

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Recycling Lesson Plans

In preparation for Earth Day, teach lessons about recycling, reducing, and reusing. Click the "Lessons" link below and then filter the search results for your grade level and subject area. These multi-disciplinary lessons help students understand issues and ways people take action to make a difference for the good of all. 

View this toolkit of lesson plans, project ideas, and background information related to the environment. 

TeachOne Lesson Plans

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TeachOne Lesson Plans

With four TeachOne initiatives throughout the year, Learning to Give makes it easy to infuse giving and civic engagement into your plans. TeachOne lessons are single-session lessons with a project idea adaptable for your grade and subject area.  Click below to view lessons from previous TeachOne initiatives: #Back to School, #GivingTuesday, #MLK Day, and #Earth Day.

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