Unit Overview 

The students learn how electricity is created, used, measured, and conserved. Learners explore energy conservation and energy efficiency using a lab activity about lightbulbs and a research assignment about alternative energy resources. Students plan and carry out a project to advocate for conserving energy and using green technology. 

Service Experience 
  The learners develop an advocacy plan for the responsible use of alternative energy resources. They make presentations (article, film, poster, etc.) to groups in the school or community. The objective is to persuade those groups to use alternative energy resources.  
Lessons in This Unit 
Alternative Energy Sources
Lesson 1 of 3

This lesson explores how electricity is created, used, measured, and conserved. Through the use of data collection tables, students measure and analyze their families' electrical energy consumption. Students learn about the various renewable and non-renewable resources available to produce electricity. The concept of stewardship of resources is introduced.