Unit Overview 

This multi-disciplinary unit takes learners on a journey around the world. While developing the five themes of geography, they explore the role of philanthropy and stewardship in cultures and organizations around the world -- from worldwide relief efforts to grassroots movements. As a service-learning project, learners will develop infographics about the need for relief programs to assist with their creation/implementation of a relief effort program based abroad or in their local communities.

Service Experience 
Learners will develop a relief effort program that is based on an international level (e.g. Red Cross initiatives, recent natural disaster events, etc.) or within their own community.  Learners will also create infographics about the need for their relief programs to assist with advocacy, disseminating information, and reaching their target audience(s).
Lessons in This Unit 
Around the World
Lesson 4 of 6

Learners will explore some examples of culture and illustrate the impact on stewardship and philanthropic organizations in Australia while gaining knowledge about the geography of Australia.
Teacher Note: Teachers may want to introduce a discussion of the desecration of Aboriginal culture and religion, and also discuss issues of diversity and tolerance in Australia.