Buckets of Bucks for World Hunger

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Issue Area: 
Hunger (poverty)
Focus Question 

What can we do about the issue of hunger in a world of uneven distribution of resources? 

Photo credit: Blue Piggy Bank With Coins - Retirement by Ken Teegardin is licensed under CC by 2.0

Unit Overview 

Through literature and simulation, learners gain an understanding of  the concept of hunger and what they can do about it. Students learn about nutrition and counting money as they define hunger and collect loose change to donate to an organization of their choice. Students create "Stop Hunger Buckets" and initiate a school-wide collection of loose change. The proceeds are donated to a nonprofit organization that feeds people who are hungry.

Service Experience 
Students collect coins to support an organization of their choice that feeds people who are hungry. They also raise awareness of the issue and invite other classrooms to fight hunger by adding coins to the "Stop Hunger Buckets" they make. Students create posters that act as a voice of advocacy to the rest of the school about world hunger. They start collecting coins/dollars to donate to a nonprofit organization that is fighting the causes of hunger. The students have a voice in where the money goes.