Imagine That!

6, 7, 8

The learners imagine life changes one, four and five years from the present time. They determine skills and attitudes of self-discipline that will help them be successful in the future.

PrintOne 20-minute lesson

The learner will:

  • visualize how his or her life will change in one, four and five years.
  • determine two skills or attitudes that will be important in future success.
  • make a plan to begin working toward a goal.
  • completed Self-Discipline Survey from Lesson One
  • Self-Discipline Vocabulary from Lesson Three
  • character education journals


  1. Anticipatory Set:

    Imagine your own life if what you did was dictated entirely by whether you felt like doing it or not. What exactly would you do? And more importantly what wouldn’t you do? What would the consequences be for your life? Give a personal example, then allow a few minutes for discussion.

  2. Ask the participants to imagine where they will be in one year and how their life/school experiences might be different and what they hope for (freshman in high school, lowest grade in the school, harder courses, more homework). Jot the list in a display area as they respond. Then ask the same question about imagining their life in four years from today (senior in high school, driving/owning a car, making college or job plans) and then five years from today (at college or a full-time job, different living situation, managing their own time and money).

  3. Reflecting on the Self-Discipline Survey from Lesson One and the Self-Discipline Vocabulary list from Lesson Three, ask participants to pinpoint which concepts they value most in successfully navigating life over the next five years. Each person may select two skills or attitudes they feel will be most important for them to develop to assure their success. They may write one thing they can do immediately to begin to work on a self-discipline skill.

    This may be done through personal journaling and visioning with sketches/words/images.