Concepts of Leadership

Unit of 11 Lessons
Grade Levels: 
Language Arts
Media / Technology
Social Studies
Focus Question 

The thematic unit, Concepts Of Leadership, is designed to be integrated into the regular American History class over the period of an entire year culminating in a discussion and inquiry session which leads to a Service Learning experience for each student. At various times during the course of the regular American History class, the unit presents various "leaders" in chronological sequence and the events in which they were involved. Toward the end of April, these leaders will be presented again with the focus question: How does leadership develop in an individual to the point where he or she is willing to take private action for common good?

Unit Overview 

This unit will enable students to identify the elements of decision-making that leaders have used throughout history and the challenges and rewards that they encountered as they committed themselves to taking private action for public good. Students will also understand the conflicts in society between economic and environmental interests and the role of the citizen in government.

Service Experience 
Students will develop a personal action plan for taking private action for the public good.
Lessons in This Unit