Unit Overview 

Through the historical novel, The Well, by Mildred D. Taylor, students analyze the importance of the Core Democratic Values in the context of a 1910 African American family, their home and school rules and in simple conflict resolution. They role-play conflict resolution.

Service Experience 
In Lesson Two: CDVs at Home and School, students analyze the all-school set of rules for connections to the Core Democratic Values. They use these connections to create a mural for the school hallway. The mural depicts students applying the rules and is labeled with the Core Democratic Values. In Lesson Three: Role Playing for the Common Good, students take their skits to classrooms of younger students in the school. They use this as an opportunity to teach others some positive strategies for solving problems in school.
Lessons in This Unit 
Core Democratic Values in Action
Lesson 1 of 3

This lesson introduces or reviews the Core Democratic Values and explores the importance of these values. Students read or listen to The Well, a book set in 1910 in the south. Students analyze what life would be like without the support of these values and rights.