Unit Overview 

Students gain awareness of the differences among us and have many opportunities to develop respect and tolerance. Three insightful children’s stories focus on the philanthropy theme of selflessness as part of daily living. The students participate in activities that teach kindness and awareness of challenges and diversity. They will perform dramatic demonstrations of selfishness and selflessness.

Service Experience 
  They may teach other students the Red Grammer song or share their original songs to spread a message of kindness and respect for the varied talents and experiences of all students.  Learners conduct a needs assessment survey evaluating awareness and plan a project related to greater tolerance, respect and cooperation.   
Lessons in This Unit 
Different! Diverse! Dynamic! (3-5)
Lesson 2 of 6

How can our positive and negative behaviors affect others who we perceive as different from us? Through reflection on the story Thank You, Mr. Falker, students explore empathy and respect for diversity of people and talents. The students relate the definition of philanthropy to the treatment and respect of others. They learn a song and create new songs to share with others their new understanding of these themes.