Unit Overview 

Students study the role women have played in American history and philanthropy. For some women, taking stand for justice or equality came at great personal sacrifice and risk. The students work as a group to take a stand on the issue of bullying in their schools.

Service Experience 
Learners create an anthology of narratives about local heroes and philanthropists to be donated to the elementary or middle school library. Learners investigate the issue of bullying, make a recommendation for taking action, present their proposal to administration, and then carry out an anti-bullying action.
Lessons in This Unit 
Herstory in History
Lesson 5 of 5
In this lesson the students will use the data collected from their surveys in Lesson Four: Bullying and Core Democratic Values on bullying in their school. They will analyze the information and take a position on whether or not bullying violates core democratic values and whether or not students should take an active role in preventing bullying at their school.