Hunger and Your Community (7th Grade)

Unit of 1 Lesson
Grade Levels: 
Language Arts
Media / Technology
Social Studies
Issue Area: 
Hunger (poverty)
Focus Question 

 How might individuals and society address the issues of poverty, homelessness and hunger, and their underlying causes? 


Photo Credit:  20111020-FNS-LSC-0063 by U.S. Department of Agriculture is licensed under CC by 2.0

Unit Overview 

Students explore the reality of food scarcity and abundance as they relate to issues of wealth and health. They identity a need in their community and explore ways that they might be able to help reduce poverty, hunger, and ill-health there.

Service Experience 
 Students come to a concensus on voluntary action to address an identified need related to poverty, hunger, and homelessness.
Lessons in This Unit