Investing In Others (3-5)

Unit of 3 Lessons
Grade Levels: 
Language Arts
Social Studies
Issue Area: 
Focus Question 

 How do our decisions about spending affect the common good?


Photo Credit:  DSC01009.JPG by tannaz is licensed under CC by 2.0

Unit Overview 

Students explore the ways people around the world earn and spend money. They brainstorm possible careers and graph their personal interests on a class graph. They learn four choices they can make with money and compare this to how they spend their time. They recognize that volunteering requires freedom of choice. The students compare how they spend their time to how Alexander from Alexander Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday spent his money. They discuss positive incentives for donating money and make a plan.

Service Experience 
Students brainstorm ideas for ways to share time and treasure to help themselves, family, community, and world. They select one choice to carry out as a service project. One option is to start a penny war to raise money for an agreed-upon charity.
Lessons in This Unit