I've Been Writing In The Classroom

Unit of 4 Lessons
Grade Levels: 
Focus Question 
Students will consider a project to help those who are sick and in hospitals. Considering the needs of the recipients, they will write stories to help them. Using the steps of the writing process, they will edit their stories through self-correction and peer editing. They will enhance the written word with illustration, completing the booklet. Students will deliver the booklets to the hospital and reflect on the project.
Unit Overview 
Students will go through the complete writing process from writing rough drafts to editing and illustrating their stories. The stories will be turned into booklets which will be given to children who are ill, so they can read or hear them during their recovery. The learners will reflect on the value of their contributions.
Service Experience 
Students will go through the steps of the writing process to create stories for ill children in the local hospital. They will illustrate the stories to enhance the written word and turn the stories into booklets. The booklets will be delivered to the children's wing of the local hospital.