This Land Is Our Land - Flourish or Perish?

Unit of 5 Lessons
Grade Levels: 
Arts Education
Language Arts
Media / Technology
Social Studies
Issue Area: 
Focus Question 

What are the consequences when we do not nurture plant life or do not nurture our democracy? What considerations influence our decisions regarding private and public land use? 


Photo Credit:  Middle schoolers at Rio Vista Middle School work together to plant native vegetation on school grounds by Pacific Southwest Region USFWS is licensed under CC by 2.0

Unit Overview 

Students become aware of land use issues related to science and geography. They compare the well being of plants to the well being of our democracy. Learners will have the opportunity to provide direct service as they plant and/or maintain flowers.

Service Experience 
  Learners plant flowers in the community in "commons" areas. 
Lessons in This Unit