New Philanthropy--A Hands-On Way of Giving (The)

Unit of 5 Lessons
Grade Levels: 
Social Studies
Media / Technology
Language Arts
Issue Area: 
Civil society
Focus Question 

 How does an individual use personal interests and strengths to impact the common good? 


Photo Credit:  Los Angeles City College – 5 by Parker Knight is licensed under CC by 2.0

Unit Overview 

Students learn about philanthropy, philanthropic individuals, and nonprofit organizations from 1815 until the present. A writing project involves exploring a major social issue as a "commons problem." 

Service Experience 
The experiential component of this unit will be a community forum in which information is shared by students with public officials such as the mayor, city council members, police chief, school superintendent, etc., as well as parents and other citizens. Students will express their concerns about the "common good," as well as be involved in a question-answer and/or comment session. As an alternative, representatives from the class can present information that has been gathered by the learners to the student council. The information could then be discussed at their meeting in a forum-type session.
Lessons in This Unit