Philanthropy in Action

Unit of 4 Lessons
Grade Levels: 
Media / Technology
Social Studies
Unit Overview 

Philanthropy in Action is a unit designed to introduce students to the concept of philanthropy. As they give and serve the community in their service projects, students are acting as philanthropists. By studying some well-known examples of philanthropy students will come to the realization that persons who have made a difference come from all levels of society. Furthermore, contributing in small yet meaningful ways is very important. Finally, as students plan and carry out a service learning project and reflect on the experience, they will see their specific role in acting for the common good or benefit of others.

To teach students that giving and sharing time, talent or treasure for the common good of their community is philanthropy.

To teach students that civic action within their community is philanthropy.

Service Experience 
Students will apply for funding from a community foundation and complete the project upon funding. Students will also complete a cost-benefit analysis and complete a project for the benefit of the community.
Lessons in This Unit