Philanthropy and Football-United

Unit of 1 Lesson
Grade Levels: 
Focus Question 
Students will become familiar with the work of the United Way in the community and look at famous Michiganians who were also philanthropists. They will look at modern-day work in philanthropy through the local United Way agencies in the community and see how the United Way's relationship to the National Football League helps communities.
Note: Although this unit was developed for Muskegon, MI, it can be easily adapted to another community or city.
Unit Overview 
Students will become familiar with the definition of philanthropy and see examples of it in the community, especially in connection with the United Way.
Service Experience 
In the later elementary lesson, learners will write public service announcements about a United Way agency and play them over the school's public address system so that the entire school will become familiar with the work of the agency.