Unit Overview 

Students will examine models of philanthropy in history and in modern day life. Using the democratic process, learners determine criteria, nominate, and select persons to whom they bestow an honor. 

Service Experience 
The students will hold a used book sale in their school and donate the proceeds to the public library of their choice. Students may also donate used books directly to the public library for inclusion in its collection or for the library's used book sale. Students will offer their support, in a small way, to future Habitat for Humanity projects in the area. Students can build a bluebird house with a senior citizen or grandparent. After the houses are built, students can accompany their building partners to install the houses for this beautiful endangered bird. The Red Cross has a program providing lap blankets for those in a nursing home. The children will knit squares of a certain dimension (after being taught to knit by senior citizens). The Red Cross will have the squares sewn together for the residents to warm their laps.
Lessons in This Unit