Creating a Personal Philanthropy Timeline

K, 1, 2

To provide an opportunity to create a timeline for use in future lessons related to philanthropy.

Lesson Rating 
PrintForty minutes

The learner will:

  • be able to demonstrate chronological order related to experiences they have had with philanthropy.
  • use the terms "first," "next," and "last" in the timeline.
  • First, Next, Last Timeline (handout)
  • Crayons or markers
  • Cards with FIRST, NEXT, LAST


  1. Anticipatory Set:Hold up the words FIRST, NEXT, and LAST and ask the students what they say, and what they mean. Discussion will lead into the lesson.

  2. Discuss with class some activities that individuals have done for the good of others. Help recognize that students are doing philanthropy.

    Help each student make a list of philanthropic activities that they have performed.

  3. In a class discussion, students talk about the differences between the chronological terms: first, next, and last.

  4. Students should then decide which activities from their list they would like to put on their personal timeline in order.

    Help students with proper spelling as they write their activities on the timeline. They may enhance their timeline with illustrations.

  5. Students will then share their timelines with each other. Display their timelines in the room next to the class timeline.


Determine students' ability for sequencing of first, next, and last based on the student timelines. In addition, when students share their work, teacher can assess for understanding.

Cross Curriculum 

Students will be asked to think of something they have done in the past and will display it on their own timeline.

Philanthropy Framework

  1. Strand PHIL.IV Volunteering and Service
    1. Standard VS 03. Providing Service
      1. Benchmark E.3 Describe the task and the student role.