Unit Overview 

The learners discover the joy of caring for and sharing flowers. The students nurture relationships with a master gardener and senior friends and deliver artistic flowerpots with nurtured plants to their friends along with leaf-print personalized notes. 

Service Experience 
The experiential component of Lesson One: Planting Phil’s Garden is very personalized. When the students read the motivating story of What If Everybody Gave?, they will be motivated to give in some manner. The students report back in what manner they gave. In Lesson Four: Special Delivery—Handle with Care, the students bring their potted plants and note cards to a retirement facility to give as a gift. They share their time, talent and treasure and establish a relationship with an elderly member of the community.
Lessons in This Unit 
Phil's Garden of Good
Lesson 2 of 4

In this lesson, the students will gain respect for the beauty and value of plants and the natural environment. Students will learn how various conditions affect the growth of plants. They will also compare the love and care needed by plants to the love and care needed by people also. Students will also measure and observe the growth of their seedlings.