Unit Overview 

Students are introduced to the concept of stewardship and how that relates to taking care of the environment. Learners study desert regions around the world by using mapping and research skills to identify those deserts and their native plant and animal species. The learners demonstrate acts of philanthropy and environmental stewardship by beautifying a common area around their school or in their community. 

Service Experience 
The Service Learning project for this unit will involve developing and implementing a plan for cleaning or beautifying an area of the school or community. Learners will develop a deeper understanding of how volunteering for a service is practicing philanthropy and stewardship for the common good, while they donate their time and talent to clean the area.
Lessons in This Unit 
Sand, Sand, Everywhere Sand
Lesson 3 of 4

The purpose of this lesson is to explore the concept of human environmental interaction and stewardship of the water resources that are available in deserts. Learners will develop a deeper understanding of water conservation by looking at the city of Phoenix, Arizona located partly in the Sonoran Desert in the southwestern United States.
Note: Activities in this lesson may be applied to almost any of the desert regions of the world that are impacted by a city or human habitation.