Delivering Service

K, 1, 2

Students reach consensus on who to recognize and plan and deliver the recognition.

Lesson Rating 
PrintOne Thirty-Minute Class Period (minimum) (It may be necessary to repeat the activities in this lesson.)

The learner will:

  • develop speaking and listening skills.
  • practice reaching consensus in a larger group.
  • create a plan for giving service.
  • complete their plan.
  • Supporting ideas for their choices that were written in Lesson Four: Choosing Where to Act.
  • Photograph of the banner to use in offering it to the selected group (optional).


  1. Anticipatory Set: Ask students to define consensus and how and why people make decisions by consensus.

  2. Teacher-Directed Activity:

  3. Have students share their choices and supporting ideas developed in Lesson Four: Choosing Where to Act.

    • Direct students to listen for areas of agreement and to use them for the basis of reaching consensus on choosing the recipient of the Friendship Banner.
    • They offer their banner to the recipient selected. If the first offer is not accepted, they re-evaluate their ideas until they make a successful match.
    • They decide on the best way to deliver the Friendship Banner and then carry out their plan.
  4. Student Practice:

  5. After listening to all ideas and discussing them with each other in the large group, students spend 5-10 minutes reflecting on what they have heard. They may write an entry in their writing journals about what they would like to do, if it is appropriate for the age and skill level of the class.

  6. Closure:

  7. After time for reflection, students are asked to state their preferences for the recipient of the Friendship Banner. When the class has reached consensus, make appropriate arrangements to give the Friendship Banner to the selected group. (A representative group of students with the teacher's assistance may do the presentation.)

    • After the class has made its decision, spend some time discussing the process the class went through. Are all students satisfied with the outcome? Is that important? What do you think about deciding matters by consensus? What would make the process go more smoothly?
    • If the first recipient cannot accept the Friendship Banner, reconvene the class and reach consensus about who is the class' next choice. Repeat the process until a match is made with a suitable recipient.

Assess learning by observation of student participation during class discussion. Journal entries, if assigned, may also be used for assessment.

Philanthropy Framework

  1. Strand PHIL.IV Volunteering and Service
    1. Standard VS 02. Service and Learning
      1. Benchmark E.1 Select a service project based on interests, abilities, and research.