Unit Overview 

Learners will examine the rights and responsibilities inherent in our democratic system of government by studying historical documents and the words of some famous American leaders. They will discuss the meaning of civic virtue and decide on their own role as responsible citizens. Through the use of literature, video and music, learners will reflect on what they can do to make a difference in the world as responsible citizens. They carry out a philanthropic project and write a reflective, five-paragraph essay and a mixed-media collage and a poem.

Service Experience 
In Lesson Two: Trash or Treasure, learners and teachers will carry out an act of philanthropy by cleaning up a local park. Preparation and planning for this service-learning project are included in lessons one and two. Reflection and celebration for the project are in lessons two and three.
Lessons in This Unit 
Truth, Trash and Treasure
Lesson 2 of 3

Can a young person truly make a difference in our world? Learners will carry out an act of philanthropy by cleaning up a park. Learners will reflect on their experience and, through the use of literature, understand the importance of philanthropy, thus realizing that one person, a young adult, can make a difference in our world.