Service Project

K, 1, 2
Students will complete the service project, evaluate it and share the information about their project with others.
Lesson Rating 
PrintDepending on the Project, at Least One Forty-Five Minute Class Period for Reflection
The learner will:
  • complete a service project that benefits the common good.
  • evaluate the project.
  • Drawing and writing paper
  • Marker, crayons
Home Connection 
If the service project is outside of school, parents can be invited as chaperones. The presentation could be done for parents.


  1. Anticipatory Set:

    Reread the poem from Lesson Four chorally, using students' names. (Each student should say his or her own name as it appears in the poem.)

  2. Write the service project on the chalkboard. Ask students what they need to know or prepare before they begin the project. Put the list they generate on the board. One by one, go over the items and prepare students for the project.
  3. Once everyone is clear on the task involved, complete the service project. As students are completing the project take notice that everyone is clear on their task and are actively involved.
  4. Once students have completed their tasks, ask each student to draw and/or write about their contribution to the service project. Remind them to note what talent they used and how they felt about being part of the project. Discuss the value of what they did as a group and how it surpassed what one person could do alone.
  5. Bind the pages into a book. Prepare a presentation for another class in the school, the principal, or parents. All students should have a part in reading their sentences or explaining a picture. The entire class can recite the poem. Some students can define "philanthropy."
  6. Present the project.
Teacher observation of student behavior and participation during the service project. A completed drawing or sentences for the class book demonstrating what was done and how the student felt.
Cross Curriculum 
Students will create a class book about the project to be shared with another class.

Philanthropy Framework

  1. Strand PHIL.IV Volunteering and Service
    1. Standard VS 05. Integrating the Service Experience into Learning
      1. Benchmark E.2 Evaluate progress on the service-learning project before, during, and after the project.