We Are One World

Unit of 4 Lessons
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Language Arts
Media / Technology
Social Studies
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Focus Question 

What is a world citizen's responsibility to promote and advocate for justice and kindness? 


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Unit Overview 

The purpose of this unit is to raise awareness of stereotypes, forms of bias and discrimination faced by peers and others every day. The denial of basic rights to people all over the world will also be addressed with students learning about life in other countries.

Service Experience 
Students will conduct a school-wide survey to help determine the degree of bias and discrimination present in the school. Students will use the results of the unit to develop a plan to address problems that are identified. Students may also wish to identify a philanthropic organization that specializes in human rights or protecting the disadvantaged and begin a campaign for support.
Lessons in This Unit 
We Are One World
Lesson 4 of 4

Students will use electronic media to prepare and present the information researched in the previous lesson. A comparison will be made between the lifestyles of the United States and a selected foreign country. Economic conditions, human-environment interaction and human rights will be compared and contrasted.