Unit Overview 

Students explore their responsibility and connections to their community. They become familiar with nonprofit organizations that serve the community, specifically Habitat for Humanity. They research the issue of poverty and affordable housing in the community and conduct comparitive cost analysis on housing materials. 

Service Experience 
Students create an awareness campaign for Habitat for Humanity and/or the ReStore. Based on the information collected about homelessness and poverty over the three lessons, students plan a service-learning project that addresses the needs identified and suits their interests and skills. They may choose to share their PSA projects from Lesson Two to a community audience. They may choose to construct necessary items or work on a local Habitat for Humanity house. Or they may design a unique project related to their community's needs.
Lessons in This Unit 
Welcome Home
Lesson 1 of 3

Students develop understanding of the meaning of philanthropy and how it relates to them and the needs in their community. They explore photos in a photo journal book (Lives Turned Upside Down by Jim Hubard) and then create their own photo journal presentation/poster showing the needs in their community.