Youth Group Facilitator Guide

Most youth groups are interested in helping youth develop their personal role in community through exploration, opportunity, and learning. Learning to Give has materials and framework here to supplement any youth group interested in youth empowerment.

Learning to Give, in partnership with the Council of Michigan Foundations, developed this activity structure based on a survey of Michigan YAC advisors and MCFYP supervisors, to help youth programs incorporate philanthropy-related activities and lessons to enhance youth philanthropy and inform the next generation to be generous and engaged in community.

As a result of our research and analysis, seven key themes emerged:

  • Grantmaking
  • Youth Leadership
  • Identifying Needs and Determining Focus
  • Service Projects
  • Understand and Evaluate Impact
  • Demonstrate Impact
  • Diversity Awareness and Inclusion

The seven blocks below each contain suggested videos, activities, ideas, toolkits, and discussion starters for a year of engagement with youth who are learning about philanthropy, service, or their role in community as engaged citizens. The blocks loosely follow the service-learning process that challenges youth to match their interests to community needs through investigation, preparation/planning, action, reflection and demonstration. Content may be utilized in order or selected a la carte style to meet the needs and interests of your youth program. 

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These videos, activities, and ice breakers help youth learn the basic concepts of and best practices in regard to grantmaking. In addition, a simulation activity provides deeper understanding of the grantmaking process.

Youth Leadership

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Youth Leadership

These videos and activities help youth conduct successful YAC meetings and become empowered leaders. Youth learn how to lead meetings and engage with one another to meet group goals. In addition, they practice speaking on issues that are important to them.

Identify Needs and Determine Focus

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Identify Needs and Determine Focus

Videos and activities help youth discover what they’re passionate about and how those passions connect with community needs. In addition, youth discover the first steps toward serving their passions and supporting their communities.

Service Projects

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Service Projects

These issue area toolkits provide ideas for service-learning projects. The toolkits contain information about each issue area to help youth develop service projects that meet community needs.

Understand and Evaluate Impact


Understand and Evaluate Impact

Activities and resources to help youth understand the effects that their philanthropic actions have on others. Youth will better understand how, why, and what they can give. In addition, they learn how to evaluate their impact.

Demonstrate Impact

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Demonstrate Impact

These activities guide youth to creatively inform peers, younger students, and community members of the impact their youth philanthropy group has on community. In addition, they learn to communicate the good work of their program and introduce opportunities for more youth to get involved.

Diversity Awareness and Inclusion

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Diversity Awareness and Inclusion

These activities and discussion prompts guide youth understanding and appreciation of diversity, equity, and inclusion and why awareness is important. In addition, youth learn to be more inclusive of others’ voices in meetings and group settings.