We're hiring! If you're in the Wayne County / Detroit-area and have a love for education and philanthropy, this position might be for you! Details: Community Classroom Coordinator 


Betsy Peterson
Director, Learning to Give

Betsy Peterson is a former teacher with a heart for experiential learning and helping students recognize their personal brilliance. Her elementary classrooms reflected a love for learning and community involvement. She was active with piloting and writing curriculum and leading other teachers through curricular change. Later, she applied her educational expertise as product development director with a national publisher.

Betsy first learned about the impact of philanthropy education when Learning to Give piloted its lessons in Michigan schools, demonstrating that the skills, joy, and empowerment of philanthropy could be formalized into teachable knowledge and experience when integrated into all K-12 academic subjects. Ms. Peterson started at Learning to Give as a consultant and has served as an editor, writer, director of curriculum, and director. Ms. Peterson believes that as more youth open to kindness and generosity in their communities, we all have a stronger and more hopeful future.

Katelyn S. Herrygers
Content and Community Manager

Katelyn Herrygers is a content writing and social media specialist with a heart for purpose-driven work. She first learned about the impact of philanthropy and community involvement during a summer internship at the Grand Rapids Community Foundation during her undergraduate studies at Aquinas College. This experience solidified her desire to do meaningful work that positively impacts the community through service, education, and giving.

After earning a Master’s degree from Western Michigan University in 2014, she decided to stay in West Michigan rather than pursue a PhD at an out-of-state program. Over the course of the last half-decade, Katelyn has gained valuable experience in marketing, digital advertising, event planning, project management, communication, and social media.

Katelyn is excited, and thankful, to be a part of the Learning to Give mission.


Molly Braden
Consultant, Learning to Give

Molly Braden is a young nonprofit professional and graduate student. She is finishing her master’s degree in Philanthropic Studies with The Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at IUPUI in Indianapolis. Originally from the Louisville Kentucky area, Molly was influenced by philanthropy and service at a young age. She has a brother with Fragile X Syndrome and Autism and she credits him for her passion of helping others. Molly has worked in a wide variety of nonprofit areas including environmentalism, arts education, the developmentally disabled community, and mentoring. Molly first started working with Learning to Give in November of 2015 and she thoroughly enjoys being a part of the team. She feels that introducing service learning and philanthropic lessons to younger generations will impact them positively to strengthen their communities. 

Learning to Give staff is dedicated to maintaining carefully constructed teaching resources that guide teachers and students to learn the traits of generosity, service, civic action, and revolutionary change.