Get Started

Getting started is easy. Simply teach a lesson for your grade and subject. Teacher-created lesson plans provide step-by-step instructions and infuse knowledge, skills, and practice of philanthropy into academic content.

Some ways to get started:

  • Search for lessons by what you already teach (ex., water, Constitution, or letter writing) or by an issue area or philanthropy theme (ex., environment, hunger, or kindness). 
  • Start with one of the Introduction to Philanthropy lessons (K-12) to build vocabulary and motivation to take action -- a great way for a whole school to get started.
  • Put giving instruction into your calendar with service events by month with related lessons and resources.
  • Read stories of our teachers to learn how they infuse philanthropy and service.

Photo credit: Walking to School by Annie and Tim is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Coming soon the Fisher Online Institute for professional development provides methods of thoughtful service-learning for educators, nonprofit professionals, parents, and volunteers as well as the history, practice, and benefits of philanthropy.