Teach Philanthropy Education

Educators all over the globe are poised to change the world for the better. Imagine the impact when all youth learn the value and practice of giving and civic participation. You know that when your students feel their actions make a positive difference, they step up their game. Teach lessons and use resources that teach philanthropy and develop charitable attitudes and behaviors in the classroom and community.

Photo Credit: Teacher at Chalkboard by Cybrarian77 is licensed unt CC BY 2.0

Our teaching resources include the following:

Teacher-created philanthropy education lessons magnify the impact of any academic content with themes of generosity, community, and civic and social responsibility. Perfect base for PBL, service-learning, and student-centered instruction. Lessons align to state standards, including Common Core State Standards, and some international standards.

Every day there are opportunities to discuss our role in civil society and decide whether and how to get involved in current events. At Learning to Give, we want to help students learn and practice taking action for the common good—yes, this too is philanthropy. This page provides tools and tips related to current events. Look here to involve your students' voice and action to make a difference.

These resources are for adults who want to teach youth about philanthropy and the nonprofit sector. Use these activities to build a culture of cooperation and service while learning about civic responsibility, problem-solving, board service, philanthropy, leadership, and grant-making.

Our picture book and teen novel guides combine selected literature with thought-provoking discussions and activities that teach about giving and civic engagement. The featured books raise issues like respect, caring, giving, honoring diversity, adversity, helping others, fairness, responsibility, trustworthiness, and citizenship.