Teach Giving to Inspire Community

In today's world, many kids feel isolation and anxiety. They may envision their future based on limited options they see. Many lack experience taking responsibility to address conflict and challenges. Often, young people grow up unaware of their community’s assets or the power of nonprofit sector.

Learning to Give helps youth learn about their communities and how they can help others with their time and talent – their unique gift. Giving promotes happiness and purpose, while teaching the givers that they are a vital part of something bigger. When young people feel ownership in their communities and take action to make a positive difference, they step up their game. Imagine the impact on classrooms, schools, regions, and the global community when all youth learn the value and practice of giving and civic participation.

"Giving back helps solidify your place in the world and is a big part of building identity. In the larger scheme of things, I want students to realize that their actions impact more than just themselves."     -Ms. Jenerou, MI

Our free teaching resources include the following: