Build Community

Build Community

The activities in this section help young people build understanding and relationships that connect them to the people and values in their community. They explore their identity, what they care about, and the assets and needs of the larger community. This foundation helps them identify their roles and how they'll take action.

Philanthropy education and service-learning guide young people to learn about the community and their role in it. In the learning process, they build community with their peers.  

To take meaningful philanthropic or civic action in our communities, we must get to know our community resources and needs. These activities help us explore the strengths and issues that make up our community. Understanding your community nonprofits and other resources is an important step in making informed decisions as engaged and justice-oriented citizens. 

These resources help young people understand their own identity and who they are in relationship to others. Believing in the power of their own voices and actions is an important step in youth engaging responsibly in a diverse and interconnected community. 

Why do communities want to involve youth of all ages and life experiences as changemakers and leaders? Because we believe youth make us better. Learning to Give and the Council of Michigan Foundations are proud to share the following resources to help organizations welcome youth voice and action. We share best practices for quality and meaningful youth engagement of their time, talent, ties (network), testimony (speaking up), and treasure.