Youth Advisory Committees

Youth Advisory Committees

Find materials here specifically for YAC meetings and outreach.

Youth Group Facilitator Guide

These videos, activities, ideas, toolkits, and discussion starters support a year of youth group engagement.


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Voting Guide

The Michigan Youth Voters Guide, created by the Michigan Community Foundation's Youth Project (MCFYP), outlines valuable resources and information for first-time and young voters.


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Communities Engaging with Youth

Communities involve youth of all ages and life experiences as changemakers and leaders. Learning to Give and the Council of Michigan Foundations are proud to share the following resources. These tips and guides help your organization welcome youth voice and action. We share best practices for quality and meaningful youth engagement of their time, talent, ties (network), testimony (speaking up), and treasure. 


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YAC Best Practices

Best practices are operational standards for community foundation YACs and YACers to make the YAC organization and its members the most effective grantmakers and community leaders possible.


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Effective and Respectful Meetings

Build trust and belonging with effective meetings! This guide helps youth inquire, discuss, and share their thoughts and opinions about themselves and their community on a regular basis. We provide different meeting types, group agreements, activities that build safety and belonging, and ways to raise youth leadership and voice. 


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Philanthropy 101

Philanthropy 101 introduces teens to effective giving and informed critical thinking about community service through readings, research, site visits, and meetings with local leaders. It connects youth to their local community and, through community-based experiences, helps them become more aware of society‚Äôs growing needs and their own interests. 


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Service Sparks

Ignite meaningful action that lights up the world through "Service Sparks" youth projects! These service project guides spark ideas for individuals or groups of young people of all ages to make a difference with their time and talent. Each project guide includes background and step-by-step instructions.


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