Open Doors to Your Community

Get to know the nonprofits that make up your community! We make it easy and welcoming for young people to physically visit in person the places that address the unique needs in their community - the local food pantry, park, museum, or pride center. Each "Open Doors to Your Community" guide is a virtual door that leads young people to the actual door with ideas for engagement and a brief video overview including

  • the work of the organization,
  • the needs addressed,
  • and ways for youth to take voluntary action.

Learning to Give's resources help young people learn and take action in the community now and for a lifetime of service, civic engagement, or career.

Open Doors to Your Community Resources

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Open Doors to Your Community Resources

What do nonprofits in your community do? This set of resources introduces young people to local food pantries, community gardens, LGBTQ+ centers, heritage museums, and other organizations that make your community a better place. Follow these guides to get an introduction before engaging with service and learning to make a real impact.