We hope you feel inspired by the story of Amazing Grace. It is not difficult to understand why Grace is so creative and confident when you meet her supportive family. When we have the support of our families, it can feel like we can do anything. Talk about the many ways that Grace’s family...

Students participate in a read aloud and discussion of what it means to be hungry. They brainstorm ways that they can assist people in the community who are in need of food. They may plan and carry out a food drive, collecting and distributing food donations to a local food pantry. The concepts of kindness, helpfulness, friendship, caring and sharing are presented through the book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

The students will participate in a read aloud, discussion, brainstorming, constructing a class book, sharing this class book, and role-playing focusing on the concepts of caring, sharing, cooperation, courtesy, and helpfulness through the child-friendly text of The Grouchy Ladybug. Adaptable for preschool.

Through literature and discussion, students recognize that hunger is an issue in their community that they can do something about. Students brainstorm ways they can take action to address the needs of children who are hungry in their community. Students hold a food collection and use math and writing skills to analyze their collection.