"Bee" the Steward: A Mini-Grant Story

Ms. Hawley is a High School science teacher from Indianapolis. As a consumer society, Hawley believes it is even more important to teach students the need and value of giving back. 

Students learned from the Learning to Give unit Environmental Groups and Three Economic Sectors before deciding on the service-learning project titled "Bee" the Steward.  

Through their lessons, students became more aware of the agencies and organizations that focus on helping the earth and the environment. After the students learned about the different organizations, they each chose one that matched their own passions. They took ownership for organizing a project to benefit the organization and help the environment. 

After modeling the process with bees, Ms. Hawley was able to show the students that anyone can make a difference. 

In this process, the students became stewards in their local community and learned about the impact individuals make, both good and bad, on the environment. This was a great project to introduce at the beginning of the school year as an introduction to service-learning and its impacts on the environment.  

The Learning to Give mini-grant of $1,000 supported coveralls, gloves, kits, and bee handling equipment.