Ms. Koors is a teacher at Greensburg Jr. High School in Indiana who values teaching service and philanthropy “to help future adults to see the true value in helping others and their community.” 

After using the Learning to Give lessons What My Community NeedsStand and Deliver for Justice and Diversity, and Helping the Needy--What Now?, Greensburg Jr. High School students tackled a service-learning project called Fizzing into New Directions. 

Sixty students worked together to make and sell bath bombs as a fundraiser. The youth displayed choice and leadership by choosing which nonprofit (New Directions) they wanted to help, then they researched community interest to figure out what they could do to help that nonprofit. 

The Learning to Give mini-grant allowed the students to purchase the necessary tools and ingredients needed to make the bath bombs. Students used math, science, and language arts throughout the course of their service experience. “They also gained a greater understanding of social needs in their community,” said Ms. Koors. 

“I didn't realize our small town had a need for a place like New Directions. It made me feel good to help. My family has used New Directions in the past and I'm glad I could help them,” said a student. 

After the project, the students expressed interest in making more small things to put in the local farmers’ market to help other nonprofits in town. Through the service project, they learned how they can make an impact on a local nonprofit by understanding needs in the community.