If you had $1,000 to give to a person in need, who would you give it to?

We want to help teens tell their story ... to inspire gi-VING, Belie-VING, Lo-VING, Thri-VING. 

  • Victoria VINGs to show Rebecca she's not alone while her family faces unexpected medical bills. 
  • Jonathan VINGs to give Bill and Susan hope after flood damage took their home.
  • Chibueze was inspired by Vivian's perseverance after she lost her husband to gun violence, so she VINGs to give Vivian's family a boost.


The VING project is a national movement sparking the next generation of givers. Backed by an anonymous philanthropist that believes in the spirit of giving, teens have an opportunity to give an individual in need an encouraging boost by surprising them with $1,000.

It's easy to get involved! Share the impact of VING with teachers and teens to make a giant impact in your community! 


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High School Lesson Plan to Introduce the Project

In an effort to spark classroom conversations around giving, Learning to Give is collaborating with VING to tell teens all over the country how they can grant $1,000 to a deserving friend. We want all youth to experience the power and joy of giving time, talent, and treasure for the good of another. Share this opportunity with your network of teachers and teens! 

The most effective way to get students involved in giving is to talk about it. The common core aligned Learning to Give lesson plan gives students language to talk about community, character, and selflessness. We share tools to help students give a meaningful gift to make a difference they can see and measure in someone’s life. With guidance of a caring teacher, students explore, discuss, and take action to address a need they care about in their community. The best part of the lesson plan and project is that students believe they have time, talent, and treasure to give now and throughout their lives.  


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Get a taste of the impact on the giver and receiver with this VING video: 

Why Teach gi-VING in School?

This may be the first of many experiences giving students a purpose beyond themselves. With this lesson plan and video application project, students practice language arts, critical thinking, and citizenship with real-world service application. Kathy Roberts, 8th-grade teacher and author of the lesson plan, "As a teacher, I'm always looking for ways to make what we do in the classroom applicable to real-world situations. VING gives students a creative and powerful way to make a real difference in someone's life." The Learning to Give lesson plan teaches how and why to make a video application that empowers students as changemakers -- it's a great learning experience!

“One of the most exciting things about VING is that we trust and respect a teen’s ability to do good right now. VING is for all teens, no matter where you live or what school you go to - everyone can be empowered to be more aware, compassionate and giving.”
– Jill McClain, Executive Director of The VING Project


Learn more on the VING website

Access the Learning to Give lesson plan to introduce the video project. 

Learn more about Learning to Give's resources to teach philanthropy in school.

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