Helping Hounds: A Mini-Grant Story

Ms. Eisenson is a 1st grade teacher who said, "by doing community service in school, students can then transfer new skills and ideologies independently outside the classroom."  
After employing the Learning to Give lesson Pets Have Needs too, students participated in the project Helping Hounds. The lesson helped to motivate Ms. Eisenson's students to want to help animals in their community.  
To complete their service-learning project the classroom partnered with a local nonprofit dog shelter. Students created posters to ask people for donations to help the shelter and then used the funds to donate and also purchase supplies to make fleece blankets, socks to make tug-toys, and pvc pipe and other materials to make enrichment toys. 
"I noticed that my class was more aware of those less fortunate in our community after this project," reflected Ms. Eisenson. "They would come into class in the morning and talk about what they could do for homeless people and many also became more responsible at home with their own pets."  
One student said, "I learned that dogs have needs like people." Another said, "I liked that we got to choose what to do for them. I want to help all dogs find homes not just the cute puppies but older dogs, too." 
The Learning to Give mini-grant allowed the students to be creative and meet the needs of their local dog shelter. In the end, the students became more aware of just how many dogs need support and that their help and love can make a difference.