Fifteen years ago the United Nations set Millennium Goals including the global challenge to end poverty and hunger in 15 years. With that challenge, poverty was decreased, but now they are setting new goals, and the Gates Foundation is upping the challenge with its Global Citizen effort. That seems like an impossible task, but not if we set our collective minds (and hearts) to it. When President Kennedy said we would make it to the moon, we did it in 15 years, even though there wasn't even a space program yet. Watch this inspirational video narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson encouraging us to set our minds to this task. Use this as a starting point for a discussion with your students. Ask the questions: What is stopping us from ending poverty and hunger? Why is there hunger in a world where there is so much waste? What can we do with our own time and voice to make a difference? 

Search the Learning to Give website for lessons at your grade level related to hunger and poverty. These lessons build a foundation with understanding about the topic and an individual's role in taking action. Lessons also include suggestions for service and volunteering, but the best ideas for action come from your students' interests and research.