Project Linus – A Mini-Grant Story 

Ms. Ishee is a teacher at Covington Middle School in Texas who enjoys teaching service and philanthropy to her middle school students. “When students learn to serve, it creates empathy," she said. "It helps them see individuals instead of groups of 'others'."

Students completed the service-learning project Project Linus. After incorporating the Random Acts of Kindness Learning to Give resource, students created over 150 fleece blankets to give to Project Linus, a national charity that provides blankets to children in crisis. 

Ms. Ishee's school is a Social Emotional Learning Demonstration School with a built-in culture of service. Project Linus "brought the entire school together to do something kind for a group they care about and relate to- other kids!” 

The students received a $250 Learning to Give mini-grant to help support the project. The funds were used to purchase fleece for the students to make blankets. The entire school was involved in this project and Ms. Ishee’s students created an instructional slide to show the rest of the school how to make the blankets. They all helped other classes and shared supplies. 

"We are so happy that Project Linus impacted the entire school," said Ms. Ishee. One student reflected, “we made so many blankets, so many kids will love these. It's so great how the whole school participates!”