Following the completion of the after-school mini-grant supported service-learning project SEEDs Students Learning About Water Testing, students in the same program at Marion Elementary in Michigan rocked another project!

"We had so much fun and engaged so well with our water testing project," said Ms. Erin Guesno, program coordinator for SEEDs at the school. "Our kids said they wanted to do something else and be a little creative, so we found Doodle Stones on the website and went with it!"

What is the Doodle Stones project? It all starts with a one-period lesson, where youth examine the effects of using words as social action today and in history. They use words to communicate positively and build community within a school or program. The connected service-learning project involves writing positive messages on stones and placing them strategically around a specific space to uplift and beautify it. Participants decorate a stone with a positive quote or encouraging word that is placed inside or outside for others to find and get encouragement from.

Although this project is generally completed in-school or during in-person after-school time, everyone in the SEEDs program was able to learn and engage in Doodle Stones while practicing safe social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. Ms. Guesno and her staff went above and beyond by creating a video equipped with directions and suggestions, as well as provided small kits for participants to be able to make Doodle Stones of their own. Check out the video below:

Doodle Stones - Remote Learning Directions


"We will continue this project throughout the year," explained Ms. Guesno. "This is a fun project to break the ice a bit on service and connecting to community."